You may have heard the saying that on average, you can make $1.00 per subscriber you have on your list per month.

That means you’d make $5,000 per month if you had 5,000 subscribers on your list.

Well, that’s not entirely true…

The fact is, to reach the $1.00/month/subscriber point takes time and some work.

You don’t achieve this milestone if you bombard your list with promo emails.

However, if you apply a great mix of relationship building emails and promo emails (as we discussed in the previous email), then it’s very possible.

Here’s the general outline for you to make $1.00 per subscriber per month:

1. Build a good relationship with your list.
2. Promote high priced offers where you’ll earn over $50.
3. Promote recurring offers that make you money on
autopilot every month.
4. Promote products to them that have excellent OTO’s and
lucrative back end offers.
5. Create and promote your own products to your list.

The most important thing is to make sure you have a good relationship with your list.

That means giving them valuable information, and not spamming them with promotions all day long.

If you work at it build a bonding with your subscribers overtime, they’ll be much more likely to buy from you. That’s when you’ll get the sales pouring in whenever you recommend products to them.

You’ll soon find your winning combination and in no time, you’ll find yourself hitting the $1.00 per subscriber per month mark, or even better!


You’ve now reached the end the List Building Coaching Series.

By now you should have a rockin’ squeeze page with an awesome free giveaway and multiple streams of traffic attacking it and signing up to your list.

There’s no greater asset than having your own email list you can monetize whenever you want.

I truly hope you’ll invest your time and money in list building because it’s going to pay off in spades.

Thanks again for being a part of this coaching series… it’s been an honor!

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