Are You Retargeting Your Visitors?


Did you know that only about 20% of all first-time visitors to a website
will become a conversion on that visit?  That means 80% of your site’s
visitors are leaving without converting, even if they want to.  With
shopping cart abandonment making major waves in the eCommerce industry
because of how recoverable these consumers are (studies show that about
68% of all abandoned shopping carts can be recovered), it only makes
sense that the people who bounce off your site are recoverable as well,
even if you don’t run an eCommerce site.

What is Retargeting?

If you don’t know what retargeting is, it’s a simple concept.  You place
a code in your site’s footer (typically JavaScript) and that code
compiles a list of all your site’s visitors.  When someone comes to your
website, the code implants a cookie into their browser that acts like an
“on” switch for advertisements.

Then, as your visitor browses other sites on the internet, as they come
to sites that have ads on them, the cookie you left in their browser
activates your site’s ad.  This helps do a number of things, including
keeping you fresh in their minds, reminding them that they might have
wanted to make a purchase with you or simply creates another avenue to
your website.

The point here is that you are getting advertised across the web to an
extremely targeted audience: people that have already expressed interest
in your website.  Whether they left to look for better offers, they left
the stove on or had to run into a business meeting, you get another
crack at them by simply adding some code to your website and running a
few ads.

But Won’t People Find this Intrusive?

Of course, some places people absolutely hate targeted ads, such as ads
that hit on keywords from people’s emails.  This is intrusive and likely
to backfire unless you’re a fairly large brand.  Nobody wants to think
that a penis enlargement cream site is filtering through their emails
and placing ads on their Gmail account!

But with retargeting, your ads will actually provide people with a
better, more individualized browsing experience since the ads will be
tailored to their interests.  It’s always important to think about how
your ads will be perceived by your audience.  There’s a fine line
between being intrusive and being customized and the best websites walk
this line perfectly.

Retargeted Emails

Of course, not every internet marketer’s site lends itself to
retargeting code and ads.  Some marketers will do better to retarget
their visitors through email campaigns.  It’s important that you
re-contact people who fell out of your sales funnel so you can bring
them back in.

As with the shopping cart abandonment, there’s no telling why the person
fell out.  They could have simply been distracted by a football score
and forgot to go back.  The power could have went out, any number of
things could have happened so assuming that everyone who bounced from
your site did so because they didn’t like what they saw is faulty
thinking that leads to zero sales.

What do you have to lose by sending out some emails saying, “Hey, we’ve
been thinking about you and we want you to come back!  Here’s 10% off
your next order” or “Did you forget about us because we didn’t forget
about you!  We figured you might have some questions so let’s set up a
time to chat so I can answer them for you!”

The point is, you miss all of the sales that you don’t reach out and
grasp, so retargeting visitors can only result in sales, what’s the
worse that can happen, they ignore you?  Well, right now if you aren’t
retargeting, you’re the one ignoring them!


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