Are you comfortable in front of a camera?


Afraid of a camera? Then Please read…The media through which we excel and sell out brand the best vary from person to person and organization to organization.  The best way to get through to your customers becomes not only an exploration of their demographics and where they spend their time, but also of where you and your team can best come across in your content.

Are you comfortable in front of a camera?  Well, you might want to brush up on your news anchor skills, or at least find someone who doesn’t mind getting in front of the lens and talking up a storm.

Why?  Because while content is still and will continue to be absorbed in a number of different ways throughout society, consumers are more and more expecting brand content to create an experience (and a valuable one at that), and those who innovate the quickest are reaping the rewards.

For example, let’s take three different social media apps that have all created a stir in the tech community this year:  Periscope, Facebook, and Meerkat.  What do they all have in common?  If you’ve been following any of them, you’d have instantly answered, “Hey, they’re all apps that let you stream video from your phone!”

In fact, many of this year’s social media darlings (Snapchat included) have allowed for the easy creation and sharing of video content.  Many businesses and entrepreneurs building a brand will continue the classic resistance habit: “Everyone has been fine just reading my blog for years, why would I start doing video instead?  What’s the point?”

The point is that the way people like to consume things has evolved, those growing up in the golden era of television might have trouble imaging a generation who prefers to watch video on a 4 inch screen, it sure as heck beats reading text on it.

Plus, creating interesting video content takes more effort, and it’s becoming more and more transparent which companies are putting in the work to make sure that the content they create is useful and helpful.

Plus, the realtime nature of live-streaming apps like Periscope means that people get a chance t send messages, questions, and replies to video content in realtime.  Plus, much like its less visual content
counterparts, video content can be created about virtually anything.  In fact, in many cases it make topics that aren’t that fun to read about more compelling.

Make a plan to win with video right now by thinking about how you can translate your niche or market’s interest into video content.  And if you think your business is too boring or not flashy enough for video, think again.  There are landscapers getting hundreds to thousands of views on every video they put on their snapchat story where they just explain their plans for someone’s yard or talk about what kind of tools they will use to dig up soil – these show expertise to their target audience and can result in real sales.  Once you’ve got an idea, start executing.  Opt for speed over perfect and you’ll quickly find what pulls in the attention of your target market. Just grab your camera or phone right now!

Beyond social media apps, you’ll want to use sales videos and other videos in your sales funnel. For that, I recommend you use a tool like Easy Video Suite that makes it simple to put your videos online anywhere also add order buttons to your videos, opt-ins, timed actions, etc.


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