The Right Way To Manage Your Online Reputation


Did you know that people are talking bad about your product, company or service right now, as we speak?  If you have any type of market, it’s almost guaranteed that there is some form of negative comment floating around out there on the Internet about you.  And while social media listening tools and the like can help you find it, the big question is what to do about it when you do. Online Reputation

How to Deal with Bad Publicity and Reviews Online

Unfortunately, the most common thing that marketers do-or think to do-is to either ignore the negative feedback or figure out some way to eliminate it right away.  Sad to say, both of these actions are the exact wrong reactions.  Many marketers will go out of their way to cover their eyes, thinking if they see and hear no evil, there will be no evil.

In fact, ignoring and not responding to bad or negative feedback is the worst thing that you can do.  Plus, if you try to pull some sort of tricky spam campaign containing good reviews and feedback, some might see right through that and your reputation-and business-will be shot for good.  The best thing you can do in this situation is put your big boy pants on, grin and face it head on.

Facing Down the Problem and Coming Out on Top

Just the same way you would confront someone that was going around town talking ill about your reputation, you must react the same way on the Internet.  Whether the feedback is on your page, on a “scam whistle-blower” type page, on your social media pages, in blog comments, on forums, on Yelp, on Google+, on Amazon-wherever it is, you have to be there doing damage control.

And while the reviews or negative comments might not even be real-yes, some of your competition is probably out there writing bad stuff about you as well-you have the ultimate weapon to combat it at your disposal: your mind.

As long as you keep your cool, you can always come out looking like a million bucks during an online rep smear campaign-or even actual feedback from a disgruntled client.  

Here’s how:

1. Don’t turn a deaf ear.  

The first thing you need to do is catch up to what people are saying about you online.  Use social media listening tools, check review sites, look at feedback, etc.  And once you know where your reviews are, monitor those sites continuously.  Never get to the point where you have to go looking around the Internet again-stay on top of reviews and commentary and take care of each one as they pop up.

2. Don’t ignore negativity.  

Respond to any and all negative remarks immediately and publicly.  This lets potential and existing clients know that your customer service is impeccable and that you care about your product or service.  This also gives you a great chance to correct the misinformation out there about you.  If you cannot respond publicly, do so privately.  But no matter how you respond, be sure to do it professionally. Online Reputation

3. Engage with your customers to leave positive reviews.

Do your customers even know that you want positive feedback?  Unless they are blown away by your services, they are just going to go on with their lives.  But if they are disgruntled, they’ll find a way to tell the world about it to disrupt your campaigns. Get the good reviews on your side by proactively asking people to leave a comment where you’d like them to.

You Take the Good You Take the Bad-The Facts of Marketing

The bottom line here is reacting quickly and in the best way possible.  You don’t have to have all positive reviews and commentary-not even George Washington has 100% approval ratings.  But what you do need to do is pay attention and manage your online reputation before it manages you right out of revenue. and manage your online reputation before it manages you right out of revenue.


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