Are Your Marketing Tools Helping You Reach the Right People?


Marketing is all about reaching the right people at the right time.
Unfortunately that can turn into a guessing game if you don’t have the
right tools.  The marketing tools that we use are essential to our
success so if you’ve just been “winging it” or going on intuition,
you’re only selling yourself short.

Use Marketing Tools to Reach Your Audience

Here are some of my personal favorite marketing tools that will help you
find the right people to get your message, product or service in front
of.  Of course, you will need to know your target demographic first, but
after you do, these tools will help you engage with the right
influencers in your industry, the most active fans and most of all, your
motivated buyers.

1. Lead Social.  While you will have to pay to use this social media
tool, it’s one of the best in the game for anyone marketing on Facebook.
What it does is it measures your Return on Investment (ROI).  Your
Facebook ROI is crucial for your budget so if you aren’t reaching the
right people, then you’re just throwing money out the window.  Lead
Social works by assigning a monetary value to each of your Facebook ads
and regular posts.  In addition, Lead Social highlights users that are
engaging with your content the most, giving you an opportunity to reach
out to them, follow up with them, thank them, whatever.  What you get is
real time statistics on how much value you are getting out of each of
your posts and ads.  Then, just replicate your most valuable posts and
ads (and boost them) so you reach people in the places it does the most

2. Tactics Cloud.  This is one of my favorite Twitter tools of all time
because it lets you target any person you want on Twitter.  Find
relevant users and follow them for follow backs.  You can search for
groups of users by location, keywords, who they’re following, who is
following them, etc.  Essentially, this is the ultimate search tool for
Twitter marketers, giving you a direct route to the people you need to

3. Little Bird.  If you are trying to build relationships with
influencers in your industry, Little Bird is the tool you need to find
them.  This shows you who you should be following as well as people that
should be following you.  Basically, you can think of this tool as a
matchmaker, all you have to do is reach out and build the relationship.

4. GroupHigh.  My final tool for reaching the right audience that I keep
in my belt is GroupHigh.  While this is another paid tool, it’s a
valuable one.  This gives you an enormous database of bloggers from
which to search and the ultimate search tool to do it with. You can find
the bloggers that you need to get in contact with, get their contact
info and keep up with all of their latest posts.  GroupHigh also lets
you track your outreach efforts and relationship building.

All in all, I highly recommend all of these tools if you’re really
trying to reach the right people in your industry and your target
demographic.  Of course, if you’re not on Twitter, it doesn’t make sense
to get a Twitter tool and the same goes for Facebook tools with
Facebook.  But it serves your best interest to check out the tools that
are out there for each social media platform you are on and beyond.


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