Offline Marketing Strategies – How to Sell $5000+ a Month!!!


offline marketing strategies

First, build a simple website with a menu card on it. Not the kind of menu you find in a restaurant, of course, but it can look like that if you choose. offline marketing strategies

Your menu is going to offer all kinds of services to brick and mortar businesses. For example:
• Local SEO
• Creating lead capture pages and setting up their autoresponder
• Website creation
• Writing blog posts and articles for them
• Repairing their online reputation
• Creating a professional looking video
• Creating detailed reports on their competitors
• Doing social media (this can be a wide variety of offerings)
• And so forth offline marketing strategies

Give them different prices – some low and some higher, to give business owners plenty of choices. (You may be interest in reading: How To Repurpose Content for Maximum Return)

Now here’s the 21 day trick – through testing, we’ve found that you will actually sell MORE services when you extend the date by which you’ll have the services completed.  offline marketing strategies

Naturally you can do many of these things in 2-5 days.  offline marketing strategies

But if the client believes you’re working on it for 3 weeks, or even a whole month, the perceived value is much higher and you will sell more.

Yes, human nature is a funny thing, isn’t it? offline marketing strategies

Now then, before you panic and think you can’t provide all these services, realize that all you need is to visit offline marketing strategies

There you’ll find people who can do all of these things for you, for cheap. You will need to pay more than $5 for most of these, but that’s okay because your profit margins will still remain sky high. 

Typically, you’ll pay $5 to test the gig out, and then somewhere between $50 and perhaps as high as $200 to get your job done. offline marketing strategies

Meanwhile, you’re selling services for $300 to $1000, depending how much work it involves.

You are the ‘middle man or woman’ getting the orders and then having them fulfilled. 

So how do you get the clients? offline marketing strategies

All of the usual methods can apply, of course. Also, LinkedIn and Craigslist can be great places to get clients with a little practice. offline marketing strategies

Also look at potential client’s social profiles and websites to get an idea of what they might need, and then contact them directly via email or even phone.

And if you’re ready to take it to the next level, you can also put together a mailer that incorporates your menu and send it to likely prospects. offline marketing strategies

This is perhaps one of the easiest businesses you can start and almost immediately begin making money. Because you are outsourcing all of the work, you can focus solely on getting clients, making them happy and gaining repeat sales.

And by the way – once you choose a method for client acquisition, you can outsource that as well.

Then your only job will be to send orders to your outsourcers and send the completed work to your clients.

Not a lot of work for a $5,000 or more a month income. offline marketing strategies

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