How To Repurpose Content for Maximum Return


Here’s how to make your content timely, highly relevant and super hot, every single time. Let’s face it – online marketing is and always will be about selling stuff to people. Simple. Repurpose Content

The techniques might change (somewhat) and the methods we use become more refined, but it’s still all about selling products and services people need or want.

Keeping that in mind, it’s very simple to write a series of reports on all of the basics. Repurpose Content

For example:
“How to start a Facebook Fan Page and get 1000 fans interacting with your product.”
“How to build a profitable list of 10,000 people in 3 months.”
“How to create products, how to drive traffic, how to use social media, etc.”

You get the idea.
Now then, here’s the trick to making your content super timely and hot:
Watch the news.

See what the latest brew-ha-ha in marketing is. Repurpose Content

For example, did Google make yet another change that threw website owners for a loop?

Then your ‘how to drive traffic’ report can be repurposed into: “How to Drive as Much Traffic as you Want without Google”

Did Facebook make major changes to their advertising policy?

Repurpose your Facebook Fan Page report into, “How to Get All the Facebook Leads You Want WITHOUT Buying Facebook Ads”

Or for your, “How to make a product” report, you could take the latest marketing trend and write something like this: “5 Products [New Trend] Users are Screaming for That You Can Make in 2 Days.”

In each case, you’ll just go into your Word file, update your document with the new title, add or change the bits specific to the current news or trend, and you’ve got a hot selling new product to offer.

Place it on Warrior, JVZoo, etc. Either promote it to your list, or buy enough traffic to get some sales. Your goal is to get noticed by the affiliates, and from there it’s Profit City for you and your evergreen content.

The beauty of this system isn’t just that you can repurpose your best content over and over again.
When news of a marketing change or new trend hits, you can get your highly relevant product to
market almost overnight, filling a market gap practically the moment it’s created. Repurpose Content

Plus, isn’t it wonderful to continue getting paid for content you wrote once, and only need to modify to
make it highly relevant again? Repurpose Content

One more tip: If you don’t like to write, you can always search for PLR. Then update and tweak it to
make it relevant to what’s happening now.

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