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Social media is an ever-increasing part of the way we as online marketers build our audiences, customer base, personal brands, and more. And of course, Social Media Tools…

It makes sense then to look to ways to make our time on social media more efficient.  While many tools exist that help companies manage their social media, they also come with a price tag on par with their enterprise sales status.  But let’s take a look at a couple of handy Social Media Tools you can grab for the classic less-than-a-coffee-a-day price point to boost your social efforts:

Post Planner: 
Post Planner starts at a measly 10 bucks per month, and is probably the simplest scheduling software for your social platforms that you can find.  Currently, it works with Facebook and Twitter (and FB pages), though they plan to add other services regularly.  With Post Planner, you simply create a schedule of how many times per day you want a network to share something and at what time slots those shares will be made at.  Then, their web app pulls the posts that have gotten the most engagement from other people’s pages and profiles and sorts them by type.  So you can ook
for images related to business, or text posts that pose funny or engaging questions, etc.  Next, you just add a piece of content you see has been used successfully elsewhere to your own profile or page.  Post Planner automatically drops it in the next open slot.  So if you set your Facebook page to post twice per day, you can just click ‘add’ on 14 pieces of content you like from their library (or manually add your own) and bam, your social content is distributed easily for the week and ready to go.

Of all of the drag and drop landing page builders out there, Instapage seems to consistently take the cake.  They allow you to create super easy landing pages that can be made on templates or built from scratch.  Either way, they end up looking excellent and they even have a separate mobile builder where you can make the exact same page hide certain elements that don’t look as great on mobile, etc.  Whether you use Instapage or not, having a way to quickly build good, customizable landing pages without hand coding them is a must to moving swiftly on your paid campaigns. Just design in Instapage, point it at and you’re ready to roll.  They also, of course, let you easilyforward your form entries to your email provider (Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.).

CoSchedule is marketed as a competitor to Post Planner, for scheduling up your social posts ahead of time.  While it’s useful in that capacity, its real gem of a function lies in easily organizing tasks and schedules online.  Plus, unlike Google Calendars or Trello, you have the option to take the tasks you schedule and push them straight to a WordPress post or social media share if you so desire.  Checklists, goal planning, social scheduling, and more for $19 – now that’s a deal!

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What do you think about these Social Media Tools?


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