To get a person to pay you cash, you have to provide a solution to his problem.

That’s how sales are made.

So before you can really get started with list building, I want you to choose a niche where people are looking to pay for a solution.

There are literally thousands of niches you can find, but here’s the important thing:

If you select the right niche, you can easily break the bank. But if you happen to choose the wrong niche, you can end up making nothing.

So it’s critical you choose a good niche right from the start.

But what makes a good niche?

The answer is simple: One with lots of hungry buyers.

It’s true that while you can build a list in any niche you want, a list of people interested in Internet marketing/Make Money Online is probably the best area to start building a list in, because there are always tons of products to promote with higher commissions and a never ending supply of people who want to buy them.

What’s more, the Make Money Online niche has plenty of opportunities to explode your list fast as so many
exclusive methods are available to you.

Freebie giveaways, JV and so many other methods you can use.

So today, I want you to choose a sub niche in Internet marketing.

Good examples include: Affiliate marketing, offline marketing, social media marketing, blogging, CPA marketing, pay per click and so on.

Simply pick one that really interests you… and… for the duration of this coaching program, run with it, and profit!

Remember, you do not actually have to be an expert in your sub niche because you’ll be promoting others’ products as an affiliate and not your own. So the other good news is you won’t need to create any Internet marketing products.

Once you’ve picked your Internet marketing sub niche, you’re ready for the next lesson – You’ll learn how to
identify what your target market is looking for, and how to create your “money magnet”.

Stay tuned!

Done For You Business