Now that you’re probably well on your way to building a great list, it’s time to start making money!

Did you know that when someone first signs up for your list, it’s the best time for you get them to buy something?

That’s because the leads are fresh and they remember you for giving them something useful already. They trust you and want to know what else you are recommending for them.

Now finding what to sell to them is the tricky part.

Just follow my tips & suggestions, and you’ll be well on your way to earning a nice income just by sending an email.

Now unless you have your own really good product or offer to send to your list an affiliate offer is the next best thing.

The only thing with an affiliate offer is to make sure that it is targeted for your list.

What I mean is…

If someone signed up to your list to learn about SEO and backlinking, do not send them an offer for a product on how to grow your facebook fan page likes. That just won’t make any sense at all.

You can be sure that sending them offers unrelated to what they signed up for will turn potential buyers into unsubscribers!

With that in mind let’s get started on what to send to your list:

I recommend sending special OTO’s (One Time Offers).

Here is how we’ll include e a special OTO offer into everything that you have set up thus far:

1. Someone signs up on your opt-in form to your list.

2. After they click the ‘Submit’ button, you thank them for signing up.

3. You send them to a special offer and email the download link.

Before doing any of these steps you need to choose a product that’s closely related to the free giveaway that you offered!

Remember earlier when I said the best time to sell to a new subscriber is when they first sign up to your list?

Here’s why…

Think of the Special OTO offer as an upsell to your free

This means every person who signs up to your mailing list will get a free giveaway and be taken to an upsell (your OTO) that will generate your income.

If you need help finding a special offer to promote I suggest looking in the marketplace on Clickbank.

Clickbank is incredibly easy to use and you can search for products using keywords that are similar to your product.

The best part is Clickbank has over 15,000 products that pay commissions of up to 75%!

Remember, your first product you sell to your list sets the tone for what you’ll be selling to them in the future.

Do not alienate them by selecting a product that will turn them off.

You want them buying from you today and tomorrow.

PS: Need traffic? Be on the lookout for the next lesson!