If you’ve been taking action so far, you should be well on your way to building your list and hopefully have generated your first one or two hundred subscribers by now.

And perhaps even made a buck or two 🙂

Today’s lesson is actually a bit of a bonus and doesn’t actually have much to do with building your list.

Instead, we’ll be talking about email marketing & management.

What’s that, you ask?

It’s pretty simple really. You build your list, and you make money from it.

So far we’ve mainly covered how to build your list building, but not how to monetize it, and that’s what today’s lesson is all about!

How To Write Profit Pulling Emails:

Now just before we get into email copy, let’s just get a few things straight.

You may be wondering what types of emails you should be sending to your list. Mainly, there are two.

Relationship-building emails. AND promo emails to make you money.

How often should you email your subscribers?

There’s actually no definite answer.

Many Internet marketers email their list on a daily basis and find it most profitable. However, the danger is that doing so can exhaust your list until they stop reading and mentally block your emails because they’re too frequent.

Other people only email their list once every week or two — While their list might convert really well per email sent out, overall the total sales and profits is going to be a little on the small side and their income potential will come up short. Then there are the marketers who email their list 2 to 3 times per week MAX and find it works best for them.
Based on my experience, you should email your list about 3 times a week.

It could be 1 promo email and 2 relationship-building emails, or vice versa. This way you don’t burn your list out by sending emails too often.

Now on to the topic of writing killer emails.

— Relationship Building Emails —

Think of this type of emails as a “warm up”. The more your subscribers warm up to you, they more they like and trust you, and the more they’re likely to buy from you.

Remember that without trust, nobody will buys.

That’s why relationship building emails are so crucial, especially when your subscribers just joined your list and know absolutely nothing about you.

— Promo Emails —

This type of emails is fun and easy to write.

Really, you can write about anything, as long as you compel the reader to click on your link – that is really the only goal when sending out a promo email.

So always make sure that’s exactly what your email is doing before you send it out.

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In our next and final email of the list building series, we’re going to take everything we’ve learned and done…

And I’m going to show you what to do with your list as it begins to grow, and how to turn each subscriber into $1.00 worth of income each and every month!

Hang in there… we’re almost there!