Have you chosen your sub niche in Internet marketing?

If so, you’re all set for today’s lesson.

You see, as a new list builder, your first step is to create a free giveaway that will get people wanting to jump into your list. It’s really that simple. If your giveaway is valuable to your visitor, then it’s a no brainer to sign up to your list.

The opposite is also true…

If you don’t have a great giveaway, people just won’t see any reason to sign up to your list.

For visitors to perceive your giveaway as valuable, there are 2 important points you should remember. What you’re actually giving away. And how you present it.

Think about it…

Would people give you their precious email address for something they do not think will give them great benefits?

Not a chance!

You want your prospect to think, “I want that now!”

The best type of giveaway you can offer from your squeeze page is a highly valuable, actionable free special report because a report is perceived to have more value than say… an ebook or a guide… and if you put the word ‘special’ in front of it, it sounds even more valuable.

Makes sense?

Remember we need to have a great offer to give away to get people to sign up to our lists (regardless of which niche we’re in).

Otherwise nothing else will really work.

So you’ll need to create that giveaway if you don’t have one. And if you do? Then it’d be a good idea to create something new – you can always use the old one as a bonus on a download page.

In the next lesson, we’ll talk about the “right” kind of information that should go into your giveaway.

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