In this lesson we’ll continue right where we left off…

Remember previously we talked about how important it is to create a valuable giveaway that will entice people to sign up to your list.

There are 3 main points you must consider for your giveaway.

1. Targeted – Your giveaway should target your niche like a laser beam. For example, if you’re targeting the offline marketing sub niche, you might offer a guide on how to get clients in 24 hours, or how to sell services to local business.

2. High perceived value – This is a must. If you’re not offering information that can be easily put into action by the user, then it’s not a high value product.

3. Actionable – Finally your giveaway must be actionable. Will your report help the person get results? Does it solve an urgent problem? Can the information be put into action? These are questions you’ve to ask yourself when creating your giveaway.

Now… what are the types of downloadable giveaways?

It really depends on your niches preference. You can almost never go wrong with a written report.

Other types of formats include: Mind maps. Video training. Audio downloads. Softwares. Graphics. Templates, and so on.

As long as your subscribers can instantly access your giveaway when they submit their email address, any format of your giveaway will do just fine.

I generally recommend going with a written report in PDF format, since it’s easily accessible and downloadable by anyone.

So as we conclude today’s lesson, I want you to start thinking about the kind of giveaway you’ll be offering your sub niche.

Think about what information you’re going to offer, and also consider which format you’ll be delivering your
product in.

You don’t have to start creating your giveaway yet because that’s exactly what we’ll be covering in the next lesson.

So watch out for it!