If you’ve been following the course each day then you’re getting very close to setting up your own list building system that will make you a substantial income all on autopilot.

So let’s move forward on how to set up your own list building system.

By now, you should have a great free giveaway you can offer as what I like to call a “bribe” to get targeted subscribers onto your email list.

Remember, it should be targeted to your niche market and should be on a hot topic that’s in demand.

In today’s lesson, we’re going to create squeeze pages that literally have subscribers opting in like they’ll stand to win a million dollars just by giving you their name and email address.

A squeeze page, also known as an opt-in page or lead generator page, is a short sales page that sell people on signing up for your list. To get them to sign up for your list you offer them your free giveaway.

The reason we want to use a squeeze page versus putting your giveaway on your own blog is because squeeze pages are proven to convert the highest number of visitors into email subscribers.

With the opt-in form on your blog, you might get a 5% or 10% signup rate, but with a good squeeze page, you can convert 50% or more of your traffic into opt-in subscribers!

Huge difference!

With that said, we’re going to focus right now on how to set up a high converting squeeze and in the next module we’ll work on getting people onto your list.

Before you can build a list, you need to have a few things, like a domain name for your site, a web host to host it on and an autoresponder to capture names and emails.
Please make sure that you stay away from the free hosting and autoresponder companies.

There is a reason why they’re free.

Auto responders:

In order to collect your prospect’s email addresses and be able to send them mail, you will need an autoresponder service.

There are tons of autoresponder services on the market and when you’re starting out it’s tempting to go for one of the cheaper services.

But do NOT use one of these free or cheap services.

There’s nothing worse than finding out all the emails you’re sending out to your new mailing list are being blocked by spam filters. This means your subscribers aren’t getting your emails and you just wasted your time in getting them to opt in!

So do yourself a favor and start out using an autoresponder company that has a good reputation.

I highly recommend using Getresponse.

You can try getresponse for FREE for the first month here.

This way, by the time your first monthly bill from Getresponse comes in the money you will be earning from your marketing list will more than cover the cost of your Getresponse account.

Web Hosting:

If you don’t have a web hosting account yet, you can get one from Jvzoo Hosting. There are a bunch of fancy plans available (Dedicated Servers, Reseller accounts,etc.),

Don’t worry you do not need one of these!

You can go with their cheapest shared hosting plans which are around $7 – $10 a month. It’s called a shared plan, because you and a bunch of other people share the resources of a web server to host your sites. This will work for your squeeze page needs.

Choosing a Domain:

When you choose a domain name it should be keyword rich and reflect what your giveaway is all about and it also shouldn’t be too long or hard to remember.

To register a domain name, go to Namecheap

Yes, I realize there are tons of places online to register a domain name but  I use and recommend Namecheap, plus they’re priced well at under $10.

That’s it for the basic setup on how you will start to build your list.

We’ll be revealing the secrets on how to create a high converting squeeze page in the next lesson.