Now we’re onto a fun topic. Squeeze pages!

Squeeze pages are your biggest tool in building your targeted marketing list.

There are several things to keep in mind when creating a squeeze page.

First things first, your squeeze page should be simple.
Many people try to complicate the process with animations, fancy graphics, tons of words, font sizes, colors, bullets, video and audio.

For the highest conversions the page should be clean and clutter free.

Now you may be asking yourself why…

The simple reason is you don’t want to give the prospect any reason or excuse to leave your page. If they want to know more about your giveaway they will opt in.

Remember curiosity is human nature. Let them be curious and opt in to see. If you giveaway too much information on the squeeze page it kills the curiosity and there’s no longer a need to opt in.

The only option should be to either enter an email address or to click the back button on their browser which is why it needs to be clear and right to the point.

Putting your opt-in above the fold will also get more people to see it, but if you’re not able to effectively persuade them to sign up, you’ll experience a lower overall opt-in rate.

An effective squeeze page is made up of 5 general parts:

1. A Teaser (first line that calls out to their attention)
2. A Headline (line below teaser that tells them about the
free offer)
3. Benefit oriented bullet points (short bullet points on
how your giveaway will benefit them)
4. The offer (what is it you’re giving them at no cost)
5. The call to action (they need to sign up by inputting
their name & email in the form)

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