Now you’re ready to set up your autoresponder account!

If you remember in my last lesson, I referred you to a great product that will make your squeeze page setup a

It’s designed to save you a ton of time and money.

You can check it out again here

Now before you jump right in, I want to go over a few important points to ensure that you really make the most out of your list building.

The first thing that I would like to discuss is double vs single optin while using Getresponse.

Single-optin is when someone signs up to your list and they’re immediately on it and taken directly to your free giveaway without having to confirm their email address.

Double opt-in is when someone signs up for your free giveaway they are emailed a list to confirm their subscription. They MUST open the email and click on the link to subscribe to your list…

Then only will they be taken to your free download of your giveaway.

With that being said, I advise to always go with single optin.


The reason is with double-optins you can lose anywhere between 25-50% of subscribers simply because they never open the confirmation email. They may have provided you with their correct details but simply do not recognize the confirmation email or it went to their spam folder.

If they don’t confirm, they don’t make your list. This means you’re literally losing a lot of potential customers!

Yes… you may get a few spam complaints from having single optin.

However if you’re ethical with what you are sending to your list and you’re not emailing them junk every single day, it’s perfectly fine.

Your best solution is to choose single optin to grow you list quickly and to make the most money!