Now that we’ve taken care of your squeeze page and setting up your autoresponder, it’s time to go over how your clients will be able to download your free giveaway.

This is done on the download page.

Don’t worry though… this page isn’t complicated and often times squeeze page templates even come with the download page or thank you page as some people call it.

Your download page has 3 elements to it:

1. Thank You For Signing Up Headline – Nothing too complex. You can literally say “Thank You For Signing Up For My Free [name of your giveaway]”

2. A short paragraph – Here’s where you provide the link for them to click on to download your free giveaway. You can also include a list of unzipping programs and links to Adobe Reader software in case your subscriber hasn’t got it installed.

3. Contact email – You want to assure your subscribers that they’re in good hands. That’s why they can easily contact you for questions or feedback if they need to.

Now this is critical…

Make sure to test your download link once you’ve uploaded the download page.

I would also advise that you set up your autoresponder to automatically redirect your subscribers to your download page once they have inputted their details on your squeeze page.

This way they really DO get the instant access you promised.

Just remember this — a happy subscriber is a future buyer!

We don’t want to make them jump through hoops just to get your free offer.

Because (and believe me when I say this) they’ll never forget a bad experience.

In the next lesson we’ll talk about OTOs and you how you finally make some money!